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Jet Lee

Life been amazing after i met Herbalife. Before that i weight at 100kgs and 42inches of my waist. After on herbalife products i lose 25kgs in 6months and 10inches of my waist. My health have improve and my gout problems that been bothering me for so many years is in control now. Thank you herbalife! Contact Jet at : ------------------------ Name saya Jet, Sebelum kenal Herbalife berat badan saya 100kg and pinggang saya 42inchi. Selepas menggunakan produk Herbalife , saya turun 25kgs dan 10inchi di pinggang. Dan masalah Gout saya sudah dapat di kawal. Terima Kasih Herbalife :


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Tom & Linda

On 6-3-98 I started taking Herbalife, At first I started it because I was not happy with my body. I weighed 155 pounds and I really struggled hard to get down to this weight. My energy level was zip, zero. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and do nothing. At times I thought I was just a boring person? My husband kept asking me what was wrong and all I could come up with was "nothing"? I never seemed to be happy or get anything done. At 36 years old my friends and family couldn't understand why I was so lethargic. After my 2nd child Jennifer, I weighed 210 pounds and am 5'10" tall, YUCK! I tried starving myself and did loose weight, but it slowly started creeping back. I tried the Phen-Fen diet, but after 2 weeks it was pulled off the market and the whole time I was worried about the chemicals I was putting in my body. I had spent plenty of money on different diets and was getting nowhere fast! This made me real skeptical of anything new.

Some of my family and friends thought because I went from a Financial Manager to a Wife and Mother I had a feeling of self worthlessness. I was starting to believe them and started seriously looking around for a work at home situation. My brother Mike and Sister-in-law Mona seemed to be doing quite well, both physically and financially. So I asked them how they were doing it. They said they found this great new company called Herbalife, and it had changed their lives fast. Mona had had seven kids and gained at least 50 pounds, but all of a sudden she was skinny and stayed that way for the last 2 years. My brother Mike was also a new man, after loosing a good 60 pounds. I wanted to know their secret. They said they would be happy to show me how they were doing it. Then they told me a little about Herbalife and how it worked. They invited me to a Home meeting at there supervisor's home.

Cory and Suzanne were quite successful, living on a 10 acre parcel, with large pond and a beautiful 2 story home. I was a little jealous, but very impressed! There were about 20 other guest in the large room with a incredible view and gorgeous furniture. First everyone went around the room and introduced themselves, (I was still skeptical and nervous, I am a little shy) one couple David and Rene told there story. She was a stay at home mom and he was in construction. They both now did herbalife full time, and spoke of the benefits of the increased income and the time and freedom they had with their kids now. Not to mention that she had lost 45 pounds and no longer suffered from migraine headaches. Around the room it went and the stories just got better. One husband named Larry was no longer considered a diabetic, his doctor was amazed at his improved conditions, and his wife was showing off her new wardrobe which was already loose fitting. They all carried their before and after pictures with them to emphasize their results, as if their enthusiasm alone didn't do this. Wow they were so excited, not all hype but true happiness filled the room. They were all very nice and very helpful, and they gave me a whole array of support options, a weekly conference call, weekly meetings at the office, monthly kickoff meetings, monthly training seminars and more. OK I liked the whole thing, so I purchased a IBP (International Business Pack) what I received was the basic products Formula 1 Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin, Formula 3 Cell Activator, and Herbal Tea, the whole business kit, binder, note book, video tape, audio tape, buttons, samples, brochures, sample forms. You name it I had it and was ready for business. I was so impressed with the quality of the materials and how professionally put together it was. And it was under $90.00 US dollars. It would only take me 3 basic sales to get my money back and have the products for free!

WOW I was so excited, but a little afraid to tell anyone else, just incase it didn't work out for some reason. I read and studied all the material. My Husband Tom was out of town working at the time so I decided not to mention it to him. Basically what I did was have Formula 1- a protein shake for breakfast and lunch, instead of my usually eggs and toast, or sandwich and chips. I was surprised at how good they tasted and that I really looked forward to having them each day. I found myself satisfied and truly not hungry! I took the tablets and followed the directions. I had outrageous energy and really started moving. I mean cleaning, singing, organizing, crafting, I was dancing around the house. Wow I was happy and energetic. Amazing. Then I ate a healthy dinner, proteins (meat, eggs, beans) stuff like that with vegetables. I stayed away from the carbohydrates like (potatoes, breads, tortillas, & pasta) the directions told me I could eat whatever I wanted for dinner, but I wanted fast results. If you have any questions on the products, what they do or what they are, just go to the products page and read all about them. You might be thinking a pill popping fool. Well I figured I better test the products if I was going to market them to friends and family.

I lost 10 pounds the 1st seven days, my mom said it was just water, but I could feel the difference already in my clothes. I stayed in touch with the Herbalife people I met at the meeting, made the conference calls and went to the meetings, this was very helpful and encouraged me to learn all I could about the products and the benefits they offered. Herbalife gets you so excited, they always have a contest going. Your upline "the people above you" will help you anyway they can. It is a win, win situation the better you do the better they do, so they are there for you.:-) After the first 30 days I was a whopping 25 pounds lighter! I am healthier now than I have been since before high school. I now weigh 130 pounds and size 6 clothes are loose and comfortable. Good thing I saved all my old jeans, what a thrill to wear them again! Believe me I was very indulgent, remember after Jenn was born I was 210 pounds and in size 16. I lost most of the weight off using unsafe methods and paying exorbitant amounts of money. Even though the last 25 pounds would not budge.

My Husband came home after the first week and could not believe his eyes. The house was clean, and inches were melting away. I told him what I was up to. His response was, "oh looks like you got talked into this one" He of little faith, funny guy! I asked him to please keep an open mind and try it with me. And He did because he loves me so much. I kept bringing him his shakes and tablets. He was very surprised to find he was not hungry, tired or run down! He actually felt wonderful! By the fourth day he was asking me for his shakes and tablets. He was up to 240 pounds and now is 190 pounds. He has lost 50 pounds. He now works out with weights after working a 10 hour day in his truck. He even started the Bulk Up Program after he lost his extra pounds. Boy does he look great! He has also been quite busy with all the Honey do's, in fact his list is about done. But you know how wives are, there is always something! The funny thing is He used to come home eat everything he could find, lay in front of the TV and fall asleep around 6:30 or 7:00. It was quite a chore just to get him to get up and go to bed. Then on the weekends he would want to sleep all day with the curtains shut watching TV and eating! So you can see what a wonderful change this has brought to our lives. I guess the biggest miracle is that I have actually started to exercise. I now do two workout videos each day. Amazing! For those of you who do not know me, I did not exercise. In fact that word was not part of our families vocabulary!

One more wonderful thing, the money. With Tom working out of town allot, eating out our grocery bill was easily around $1,000.00 each month! In June 98 we spent under 500.00. So with both of us on the program and purchasing all our products we still saved over $300.00 on food. Not to mention if you sign up as a distributor you get 35% off and that's just the beginning, it goes all the way up to 50%.

I am really excited and happy to share our wonderful success story with all of you. I encourage you to experience what these remarkable products can do for you!

God Bless You. Tom, Linda, Jessica & Jennifer

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Vilma Perez

City & country: El Paso, Texas, USA
-Age: 27
-Weight before diet: 212 lbs
-Weight now: 188 lbs
-Target weight: 140 lbs

Losing weight isn't a picnic for many people, and Vilma's no exception. But with her unwavering determination to change to a healthier lifestyle, she's losing the pounds she can do without. Vilma discusses her favorite physical fitness activities, the mental and emotional issues she encounters on her journey, and the things that keep her motivated.


MyIdealweightnow dot com

Like many of you out there I too have struggled with weight problems, and today after achieving my ideal weight I would like to share my story and hopefully motivate and help those people who at this point feel hopeless or simply need some inspiration.

I tried many diets, lost a few pounds, but since most of these diets where 'starvation' diets I was never able to keep the weight off for more than a couple of months, before I knew it I was up again where I had started.

The story repeated itself over and over again, until one day, I was not just twenty pounds overweight, I was thirty pounds overweight.

How did this happen? Um, eating out of boredom, anxiety, stress, eating late at night and so forth. I knew how it happened I just didn't want to admit it, and I felt as if I could not break that cycle.

One day I realized I needed to take action and regain control of my life and my weight, it was time for me to feel good about myself again.

I started with my quest to losing weight on May of 2008, In seven months I manage to lose 19 pounds, but I still wanted to lose at least 10 more, shape my body and most importanly maintain my new weight and appearance.

On January of 2009 I was introduced to HERBALIFE, an amazing line of products that in only two months helped me lose those last 10 pounds.

.before and after taking herbalife with 10 less pounds

That's right in two months I reached my ideal weight of 114 pounds. In addition to the weight loss I've also seen significant improvements on my skin, my acne is starting to disappear, my energy levels are incredibly high and I feel FANTASTIC!

I invite every single person out there to give HERBALIFE a try, this is not just a product line this is a way of life that can help you control your weight, improve your overall health, increase your energy and more.

Kamis, 30 April 2009

Shea Martinez., “The difference NouriFusion® has made in my skin is like night and day!”

“NouriFusion® products have done more for my skin than anything I’ve tried.”

Shea M. has had bad skin her entire life. “I thought growing out of adolescence would mean I’d also grow out of skin problems,” she says. “No such luck!” So Shea was thrilled when Herbalife introduced the NouriFusion® skin-care product line. And today, when Shea talks about what NouriFusion® has done for her, she quite literally beams. “I love the MultiVitamin Clarifying Mask, the Night Cream and the Eye Gel. The NouriFusion® products have done more for my skin than anything I’ve tried–and I’ve tried it all,” she says. “I’m now enjoying life with healthier, smoother and more beautiful skin than ever!”

Here’s How:

Set specific times for using the NouriFusion® products each day and be consistent.

Incorporate Herbalife’s Cellular Nutrition® into your diet; nutrition plays a big role in your skin’s health and beauty.

Start using these great products now!

Victor N.

“I’ve finally got the body I always wanted.”

“I was skinny,” recalls Victor N., “and I had always wanted to bulk up and look more muscular.” But no matter how hard Victor tried–he worked out, he changed his diet, he worked out some more–he couldn’t seem to build his wiry frame into the chiseled physique he dreamed of. “Then I found out about Bulk & Muscle,” he says. Following the instruction of his Herbalife Coach to the letter, Victor adhered to a program that included adding four scoops of Bulk & Muscle to his Formula 1 Wild Berry every day. “The results speak for themselves,” Victor says. “I put on 10 pounds of muscle, and I finally got the body I always wanted.”*

Here’s How:

Find an Herbalife Coach who’s gotten results–and call him as often as you need for support.
Experiment with your shakes until you find recipes you love.
Favorites: Bulk & Muscle; ShapeWorks® Formula 1 Wild Berry; Active Fiber.